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employess and more efficient company

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Colleagues leave unexpectedly or due to "little things"

Nobody usually gives a notice immediately or due to one single little thing. It's month of counting little things together that lead to giving a notice.

Lower productivity

It is almost impossible to keep the motivation and try the best without feeling good about the work. We all have it same.

Incuriousness about what's going on in the company

Dissatisfied team member doesn't think of bigger participation, quality or impact of their work on their colleagues and customers. They just want to get over it.

More frequent absence

When something bothers or stresses you, you tend to stop away from it, either conciously or unconciously. An extra break is welcomed solution then.

Satisfaction at work has
4 times bigger impact than a reward.*

* The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Turnover Intent - The Social Science Journal

To increase the satisfaction is not easy.

It seems easy to take care of the satisfaction.
The opposite is true.

We often focus only on some with satisfaction most frequently connected areas. However, really functional care of satisfaction desires a lot of effort and everyday deployment. It includes a lot of listening, sensation, solution and support.
The amount of the reward or benefits are then only an icing on the cake.

Common approach to satisfaction

  • Amount of the reward
  • Benefits
  • Career development

The real basis of satisfaction

  • I understand my work
  • I enjoy my work
  • My manager understands and solves my problems
  • I'm well informed
  • I go on well with my manager
  • I'm heard.

To know, to understand and to solve seems to be easy. But it isn't ...

60 % of employees consider communication with managers not satisfactory
60 % of employees think that their manager doesn't understand their problems
70 % of managers consider communication with employees demanding
70 % of employees don't want to participate on annual feedbacks

With EMU ...

I know the actual situation with no barriers, fast and easily

The employee doesn't have to think

They use emotions - just tap and express what annoyes or delights them

The manager doesn't have to attend actively

EMU reminds you by itself, you don't have to set or invent anything

I have enough facts to

All in one place

Moods, impulses, problems and opportunities of all team members always available.

In the context all the time

Relevant pieces of information interlinked and always up to date

In-depth analysis

It is not easy to see the difficult connections. Advanced algorithm cope with is handily

I solve easily and overlook nothing

Solution right in the app

To start solving problems immediately and directly is easy and enjoyable with EMU

Automatic notification

It is demanding to keep everything in mind. Automatic notification is a wonderful helper

Open communication

Frank communication reveals important and often hidden information